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LANSING — State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D-Detroit) was in the Court of Appeals in Detroit to support 28 defendants — including two dozen Detroit Public Schools (DPS) teachers — who are facing a complaint of wrongfully striking. Teachers across the Detroit school system have been calling in sick and sharing photos on social media to call attention to the deplorable state of many of Detroit’s schools, and the dangerous conditions Detroit’s children are forced to endure when they go to school.
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Fish and Loaves volunteers gather during an event at the Taylor Sportsplex

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DeAtriss Richardson
Students, parents and legislators speak out on  DPS Sick Outs
By Myrna Brazell

Martin Luther had a dream, the children ask, what does it mean?
And you try to explain to them, what this dream really meant to him.
A dream is only in the mind they say, hoping to come alive one day.
Dreams can come true if we begin to live it.
And put our very heart and soul in it.
Often times we need a partner
To make our dreams come true,
Now this means me and it means you.
So come on children, there’s work to do
If you want to be a live part of the dream
Of a Godly man called Martin Luther King.
A dream is a vision that can happen today
But what do you wish me to do, they say?
King opened the door, he led the way.
I would say your strongest tool
Would be to follow the Golden Rule.
Whether you are black or white
King dreamed we could live together without strife.
King also wanted children to get an education.
A strong mind will build a very strong nation.
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Students and parents join protest on Monday
DeAtriss (center front) helping with the food giveaway this summer