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History of the Telegram
The Telegram Newspaper was founded in 1944 and has been in continuous publication since that time. The late J. C. Wall, who passed away in July 1997, published it for over 50 years. Following J. C. Wall’s death, the Telegram continued to live on through the efforts of Mr. Ben Wade until May 2006.

In June 2006, the Telegram was purchased by Gina C. Wilson and has experienced exponential growth since that time. The Telegram’s content has doubled in size and its distribution has increased from three cities to now being distributed in over 13 cities.

Gina C. Steward and the Telegram staff have built relationships with local nonprofit organizations, community groups, city governments and local schools and universities to participate as Career Day Speakers, purchase school supplies and equipment, volunteer at Meals on Wheels and at local Food Pantries, host Food Drives and made donations to Goodfellows and local Farmer’s Market. They also partner with Downriver Delta CDC to maintain a community garden and host Farmers Markets.

The new look, content and diversified coverage of the news and events has helped to make the Telegram Newspaper the newspaper of choice for many in the Downriver community. At a time when many newspapers are having a difficult time, the Telegram Newspaper continues to experience a sense of growth. With the launch of the website,, loyal readers across the country can opt to read the entire Telegram Newspaper online or receive a newspaper in the mail with a year’s subscription. In 2010, home delivery was instituted in our distribution area which has increased readership and brought back the ‘Paper Boy’.

The Telegram Newspaper received the Community Award from The Men’s Club of River Rouge in 2008, the Image Award for the city of Inkster in 2009, and certificate of recognition from Downriver Delta CDC in 2011 and many other awards from community groups. to edit this text.
Gina C. Steward
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Telegram Publisher Gina Steward and Marketing Representative LaTasha Johnson