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  • The Clean Energy Transition Must Be a Just Transition

    Ben Jealous, Sierra Club|Oct 5, 2023

    When General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford – the "Big Three" American automakers – were close to extinction 15 years ago, their workers and the American people stepped in to save them. The United Auto Workers (UAW) gave back wages and benefits they had every right to get under a contract they had negotiated just a year before. Now, rather than being paid back, union workers face getting left out of the future of the car business. And the rest of the country is being told we have Hobson's cho...

  • A Historic Vote and the Tools It Gave Us

    Ben Jealous, Sierra Club - Executive Director|Mar 16, 2023

    Vice President Kamala Harris is sure to be remembered every March in Women's History Month as the first woman and the first person of color to serve our nation in that position. As notable as those two facts are, she may grow to be known just as much for a single vote in the Senate that helped save the planet. Last August, she broke the 50-50 deadlock between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate to pass the Inflation Reduction Act. That historic package, along with the Infrastructure...

  • "Grateful After the November Mid-Term Results

    Ben Jealous, President People For the American Way|Dec 15, 2022

    A lot of good news came out of this month’s elections—and enough bad news to remind us that we can never let our guard down when freedom and democracy are at stake. This year, democracy itself was on the ballot, and voters made an important down payment on its future. In 2020, Americans voted not to give President Donald Trump a second term. He wasn’t willing to accept his loss and tried to overturn the election. The anger he fostered with lies about election fraud led to a violent attem...

  • Across America, Students Must Learn All History

    Ben Jealous, President of People for the American Way|Apr 21, 2022

    Black history is American history. That shouldn't be a controversial statement. But thanks to politicians like Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, teaching honestly about history is getting downright dangerous. Youngkin got elected in part by embracing a dishonest campaign launched by far-right activists to make parents fear that teaching about racism represents some kind of sinister plot to shame and indoctrinate children. Once he took office, the very first official action he took as governor was...

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