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  • Football season 2018

    James Abeare|Sep 6, 2018

    It is finally here! Football season in the States. I have watched the Lions’ preseason, the first games for both Michigan and Michigan State and half of the Canadian Football League season and what I have learned in this young season is; both Michigan and Michigan State needs work, the Lions aren’t really ready for the season to start and the Calgary Stampeders are one of the best teams in pro football. Let’s start with Michigan first. The team was not ready for Notre Dame. They could...

  • World Health Organization declares bacon as bad for you as smoking

    James Abeare, Telegram Columnist|Aug 30, 2018

    It was all over the internet last week. The World Health Organization came out with it’s final declaration that bacon causes cancer, just as much as smoking. Only the final study came out in the spring and just made the headlines. It probably would have gotten more play, but the main sream media was busy giving Trump negative coverage for anything he did at that time. This finding, probably made the food police quite happy. They have been wanting to get rid of bacon and other processed meats s...

  • Are some Democrats trading a possible November win for their warped sense reality?

    James Abeare, Columnist|Aug 23, 2018

    Do certain Democrats really want to win their elections in November? Not by what some have been saying. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had the biggest recent gaffe, last week, when he said that America will never be great again, because it has never been great. That was met by a roomful of gasps, by even his supporters. Governor Cuomo tried to walk it back a bit, but it hasn’t really taken. This ranks up there former first daughter, Chelsea Clinton implying that abortions were actually good f...

  • Did you remember to vote?

    James Abeare, Contributing Columnist|Aug 9, 2018

    I know it was the primaries and you can't vote across party lines, but it was important to make your choices known for the general election in November. I don't like the fact that you can't vote across party lines in the primaries. I wanted to vote for both John James for Senate and Shri Thanedar for Governor. I think it will be Bill Schuette and Gretchen Whitmer getting the nods for governor. Wait a second?? Did Jim just say he wanted Shri Thanedar to get the nomination for governor for the...

  • Trump's new SCOTUS justice pick

    James Abeare|Jul 12, 2018

    Face it, no matter who President Trump would’ve named to the Supreme Court, the Left would’ve come out against them. So much so, that one group sent out a press briefing, before Brett Kavanaugh was named, with an XX where the name was supposed to go. Since naming Kavanaugh, the Left has been unhinged. They brought out the tried and warned out arguments that they always come out with whenever a Republican president names a conservative judge. “Women will die”, “America will end as we know it”,...

  • After a 60 year wait, Willie O'Ree enters Hockey Hall of Fame

    James Abeare|Jul 5, 2018

    It was 1958 and a little known winger, from the Quebec Aces, was called up to the Boston Bruins. That winger was Willie O'Ree, the first black hockey player in the National Hockey League. He is often referred to as the "Jackie Robinson of Hockey", though he might argue you about that. It then took 16 years and league expansion for the next black player, Mike Marson, was drafted by the Washington Capitols in 1974. By the mid 2010s, there were 23 black players in the NHL, the most prominent being...

  • Father's Day to Special Person's Day? No Way!

    James Abeare|Jun 21, 2018

    I know it is the Thursday after Father’s Day, but a story that started last year reared it’s ugly head again this year. The idea to change from Father’s Day to Special Person’s Day. The theory is to not offend children who may not have a father. This also brings a question: what about Mother’s Day? Well, one school in Australia has decided to celebrate U. N. International Day of Families instead. ??? What is that? A politically correct day that doesn’t offend. Changing Father’s Day to Specia...

  • Trump's legacy

    James Abeare|Jun 14, 2018

    There is an old Vulcan proverb; "Only Nixon can go to China." Now there is a new one; "Only Trump can talk to Kim." The Trump legacy hangs on what happens after this week's summit North Korean leader (dictator) Kim Jung Un. By early accounts, the summit seems to be a mild success. We won't know for a few years if this has been really successful. It didn't take until Bush 41 for the Berlin Wall to come down after Reagan's summits with then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev. But we can take away fro...

  • Gun control messages in the Main Stream Media

    James Abeare|Jun 7, 2018

    I was watching Supergirl last Monday when I suddenly started to get a lecture in gun control. Not in person but from the show. This isn't the first time that a CW Arrowverse show preached about gun control. Last year the show Arrow approached the subject. Which causes me and many others to ask, why must the left turn everything into a political message. I just want to be entertained not constantly informed. If I want to be informed I'll turn on FOX News or CNN. The left seems to take everything...