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Spiritually Speaking.... Walking is So Much More Than Just Exercise

If I haven't before, let me ask you now. Can somebody explain a "faith walk" to me? I frequently refer to my own spiritual transformation that way and I've had others describe this "thing" that I'm...

 By James Washington    Faith    July 2, 2020

"Daddy Do I Have to?"

There is a question I've been mulling over and, if you don't mind, I would like your input. Does one follow the Word of God because you know you should or, because you have to? I mean is the faith wal... Full story


Write Your Own Obituary. Your Life Depends on It.

My immediate reaction to a recent sermon I heard was to share it. Although this was not the topic of the message, the pastor’s comment about life and death made me think about my own obituary. It... Full story


The Devil is Full of Many Tricks So Don't Be Fooled

You know, I’ve got to give it to the devil. He truly is as slick as they come. It is my understanding that he has some power in this physical world and what amounts to zilch in the eternal kingdom... Full story

 By James Washington    Faith    May 31, 2018

When the World Attacks You, Find Strength in Christ's Power

I remember reviewing the letters of Paul in Bible study. In doing so, I was constantly reminded that one cannot look at Paul without really seeing Jesus' amazing handiwork. Now you need to know that... Full story


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