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Prisoners Protest to Demand Better Conditions

A prisoner strike began on August 21 to commemorate the legendary prisoner and Black Panther Party leader George L. Jackson who was killed by prison guards on that date in 1971, and is scheduled to... Full story


Detroiters Voice Concerns at Environmental Meeting

On September 26th, Detroit Council Pro Tem, Mary Sheffield, hosted an environmental forum at Sacred Heart Church on Detroit's east side. Sheffield organized the event to give residents the... Full story


Detroit's Water Problem and the Scourge of Lead

Amid concerns of high levels of lead and copper found in many area schools, the Detroit Public School Community District (DPSCD) has ordered water to be turned off at all its schools. The district... Full story


Our Detroit

Detroit has historically been a Mecca for Black business. The city is also renowned for great writers, ministers, artists, athletes, musicians, scholars and, of course fighters. And no other record... Full story


Prisoners Protest to Demand Better Conditions

A prisoner strike began on August 21 to commemorate the legendary prisoner and Black Panther Party leader George L. Jackson who was killed by prison guards on that date in 1971, and is scheduled to... Full story


Treating Students as if They are Criminals in America's Schools

Several years ago, police raided a Detroit high school. 49 students were arrested for loitering and detained at the police station. And in an incident that made international news, a Black... Full story


The McGhee House Holds a Special Place in Legal History

During the Great Depression of the 1930's a Black couple, Orsel and Minnie McGhee, rented a home in a White neighborhood at 4626 Seabaldt street on Detroit's west side. Their move would result in... Full story


Conspiracy of Violence

There are regular outbursts of violence across Detroit and America as a whole, and this violence is often described as random, purposeless and senseless. It seems that as soon as we are over the... Full story


Historic Home - A Testament to City's Troubled Race Relation

At first glance, If not for the presence of the sign designating the house a historic site, there is little to distinguish it from the rows of dilapidated buildings that surround it. The one and a... Full story


Punishing Children: Juvenile Incarceration

The United States has the shameful distinction of having one of the highest rates of juvenile detention and incarceration in the world. Numerous studies and testimonies reveal that institutions of... Full story


The World Celebrates Nelson Mandela's Centenary

This year South Africa, as well as many nations around the globe, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, a towering figure of tenacity and dignity who overcame... Full story


A Father's Pain

It was a rainy day in Detroit when I went to meet Kenneth Holloway, better known as the Candle man, at an eastside restaurant. I've known Candle man for about ten years. We met when we were involved... Full story



The city of Flint has the highest levels of lead in children in Michigan, according to a 2016 Data Report from Michigan's Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. High levels of lead were also... Full story


Michigan Child Protective Services and the Abuse of Power

Detroit resident Debbie Williams will always remember that day 26 years ago. It shadows her every movement and it burns her with the unfathomable anguish of a mother that has her children... Full story


Detroit Residency Requirements Need to be Reexamined

In the wake of high unemployment, unresponsive city services, and an urban fog of crime and vice, Detroit residency requirements need to be reexamined. According to statistics, between 60 to 80... Full story


Coleman Young: Legacy of a Black Mayor

When Coleman Alexander Young campaigned for mayor of Detroit in 1973 and was elected in 1974, there was a strong sense of anticipation, pride and destiny among the city's Black population. Many older... Full story


Blacks and Minorities in America

According to U.S. Census Bureau Reports, the nation's racial and ethnic minorities will outnumber those of its White population by the year 2042. Implicit in this prediction is that a non-White... Full story


The Threads of Violence

Violence in Detroit (as in the rest of the nation and the world) has many threads. And we do ourselves a disservice when we are so thunderstruck by the volcanic eruptions of violence that we fail to... Full story


Punishing the Poverty Stricken Part Two:

In April of 2005, Black motorist Walter Scott was pulled over by a South Carolina policeman for a broken taillight. As he waited for officer Michael Slater to run a warrant check on him, Scott likely... Full story


Maureen Taylor on the Frontline for the Rights of the Poor

When Maureen Taylor was a child, her parents took the family on a trip across the country where she witnessed abject poverty in many of the areas she passed through. This experience and her confusion... Full story


Punishing the Poverty Stricken

The Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits the state to inflict cruel and unusual punishment, and the courts from setting excessive bail and fines. This is necessary because the... Full story


Nestle Foods and Human Rights

Nestle food conglomerate is the largest food company in the world, with over 450 manufacturing centers in 80 countries. Headquartered in Switzerland its facilities span six continents. Nestle has also... Full story


The Journey of Yusef Bunchy Shakur

The environment we live in can contribute to our taking either a negative path or a positive one. Yusef Bunchy Shakur took his experience growing up on the mean streets of Detroit's west side, and in... Full story


The Tragedy and Horror of Wrongful Convictions

It is ironic that the two branches of the system that have the power to ensnare the innocent - police agencies and the judicial system - are also some of the most secretive, imperious, and hostile to... Full story


Pastor Williams Continues Legacy of Historic Detroit Church

The King Solomon Missionary Baptist Church is in a depressed and desolate area on Detroit's west side. It is fitting that it is so, for the healthy have no need of a physician; it is the infirmed in... Full story


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