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  • Three Tips To Increase Your Laptop Battery Life

    Willie Brake, Computer Expert|Feb 11, 2021

    Nobody wants to make a dash to a power outlet to rescue their laptop battery. That's no fun, especially with everyone working and learning from home these days in various corners of the house that may not have a convenient outlet nearby. Luckily, modern laptops are much more efficient than their predecessors. Nowadays, even inexpensive desktop-replacement laptops can last for more than eight hours on a single charge. Most people don't realize that the battery in your laptop won't last as long...

  • Does Your Internet Seem Slow?

    Willie Brake, Tech News|Mar 5, 2020

    Nothing is more annoying than having slow internet. When it eventually happens to you – and it will, you're going to wonder what you can do to speed up your connection. I've listed three of my top tips below. 1. Check Your Internet Plan Sometimes, your internet connection is slow because you're paying for cheap internet. Contact your internet provider and find out what plan you actually have.Also, run a speed test using to see how well your internet is actually performing. Be sure... Full story

  • How To Buy Your Next Television A Handy Guide To Take With You When Shopping

    Willie Brake, Technology Columnist|Jan 3, 2019

    It's a new year and I predict in 2019, a big technology shift will finally begin. Let's start with the television set. If you don't have a flat screen or are looking for another one, the week or so before the Super Bowl can be a great time to upgrade your television, as you can find the type of deals that you may have passed over during the holidays. Buying a new television can be an intimidating endeavor. You need to figure out your budget, the right screen size and which manufacturer to... Full story

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