Jessie Kuykendall with her friends and family

Jessie Kuykendall was born on October 14, 1914 in Shaws, Mississippi and currently resides in the City of Detroit. Jessie didn't have any children of her own, but she was a mother to many.

She lived in Charleston, Missouri and was married for over 50 years to Samuel Kuykendall. She served at the church and worked at several nursing homes. She served as the mother of the church home at Bethel on East Holcomb in Detroit. She was a minister to the youth and enjoyed visiting the sick.

For her job, she worked in private homes cleaning and cooking and doing whatever she had to do.

Her parents were Frank and Ella Richardson-Nelson. She had 16 siblings who are all deceased. Her closest relative is her great niece Rebecca Sullivan (pictured above).

The Motto she lives by is 'Live the best I can. That's all I know'. 'I put my trust in The Lord and love one another and treat everybody right. Do good and good will come back to you.'

Her favorite scriptures are the books of Psalms and Proverbs.

When asked, who inspires her. She said her dad when he was living.

103 year old Jessie Kuykendall

When asked what do you remember most about growing up, she said, When my siblings spoke I had to obey. I also remember that I loved to travel, go to family reunions, go shopping and get my hair done. I still like going shopping.

Some of the people she grew up with were her five sisters and brothers that she took care of. Her best friend Annie Grey, her nephews Ervin and Ed, her brother Bud who was a minister and she remembers taking care of Rebecca and Florda.

When asked what needs to change in the community; she said more Block Clubs. "I used to be the chairman of the Block Club.

Her favorite singer – Anyone. As long as they can sing.

Her favorite actor – Clark Gable

Favorite person – Her dad. He was quiet and he took care of me and my siblings.


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