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Steven Malik Shelton, new addition to the Telegram

Steven Malik Shelton is a simple man. But heaps of issues, concepts, and theories keep him going. Marriage, fatherhood, writing, and even Martial Arts are just a few things that keep Shelton's blood flowing.

Shelton was born in Chicago and raised all over the nation. Living in California during the Rodney King riots, and Detroit and Chicago during the peaks of violence and police brutality. He's had the privilege of experiencing first hand, the injustices offered on the prominent sides of America.

Steven picked up the pen at the age of fourteen. Witnessing the degeneracy and heartache of life didn't break him. But gave him the will to do better and make a change. He also has a passion for community service and activism. Never biting his tongue on the issues, his platform is used to uncover the scum and dig up the truth.

Right now he's sitting on a book to solutions on mass incarceration; A coming of age tale ensnared in the streets. Shelton also uses his talents and experience to contribute to the Telegram. Bringing eyes to a new net of issues and people. His main goal is to pass down knowledge and information, to combat ignorance and competition in the community.

If you ever have something you need to discuss, find Mr. Shelton. The man is always ready to bounce around information. He's overflowing with wisdom and lives to spread it those around. Some consider him radical, but he doesn't care. The word will continue to come out hot and unfiltered.

We met at the workplace for a few words. The veteran writer had handfuls of information for me.

Jones - What title in life do you hold to the highest regard?

Shelton - Sociology 101, all institutions are based on the family unit. So being a husband and father is one of the most important positions I'll ever hold. In our communities, there's a breakdown in our family structure. Many times those guys you see banging on the street don't come from structured family units. As a husband and father you are the head of the unit. It's your job to mold what's coming out to face society.

Jones - How did you get into writing?

Shelton - Reading. I picked up Native Son by Richard Wright and Soul On Ice by Eldridge Cleaver put something in me. James Baldwin's work also influenced me. I resonated with it all and fell in love with the world of reading and writing. I developed a proficiency in writing, and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.

Jones - What do you write about the most?

Shelton - Things that are unjust and need to be reexamined so the people can read it and think; such as social concerns, politics, economics and sports. Anything that educates and expands the human condition. I use humor sometimes in my writing but it's what I use the least.

Jones - What do you like most about contributing to the Telegram?

Shelton - The purpose of the newspaper is to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted. The Telegram does just that. It constantly touches on social issues and current events. Even things that would make someone uncomfortable. There is some of everything for everybody in the pages of the Telegram. The job we do here is golden.


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