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The Teachers' Lounge Talk Show Returns for Its 3rd Season on WHPR - TV33

Low Test Scores. Racism in Education. Controversial contract. New Superintendent. Family and community struggles. Educating our youth. Charter vs. Public Schools. Find out how real DFT members react and respond to these and more topics. The Teachers' Lounge Talk Show airs every Thursday from 8 – 9PM on WHPR Comcast Channel 91. This live interactive show gives viewers a chance to call in with their questions and comments regarding all matters of education by calling in at 313-0342, 313-868-4336, or 313-868-0351.

The Teachers' Lounge Talk Show was birthed from the infamous "teacher sickouts" that caught the nation's attention in 2014. These sickouts closed all DPS schools for consecutive days and brought more attention to the plight of inner city educators. Lead host and ELA teacher Mrs. Piper revealed, "I believe The Teachers' Lounge Talk Show is important because it gives educators, parents, and students more of a voice." Mr. Weir, co-host and Social Studies Teacher expressed, "It's about time a show of this type is created. I want to hear what's going on in education from other educators; those who are on the front line with our kids." Mr. Gardner, co-host and Special Education Instructor and Ms. Falk, co-host and Spanish Teacher, both agree the show gives educators a forum to discuss teaching with the community.

These hosts interview other educators, political figures, community advocates, sports and entertainment figures on not only the state of public education, but also how improvements and changes can be made.

For further information about The Teachers' Lounge Talk Show, please contact L.Piper at 313-949-7798 or email at [email protected].


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