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Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when the body's immune system attacks its own tissues and organs. Lupus can affect every organ, and affects everyone differently.

Francine Houston has been affected since her senior year of high school. There has been numerous setbacks from the sickness but that hasn't stopped her from traveling, graduating from college, and writing a book about her life and experiences.

Lupus Journey is the first book in Francine Huston's series of

memoirs. She tells us of her family, friends, and lifestyle before and after Lupus. Lupus Journey was written in mind of the millions of people who have to live with Lupus.

Houston's symptoms started with hair loss and skin flare ups. Before being diagnosed she lived with the pain, attention from classmates and disagreements with family. Traveling seemed to be the only thing to ease her young mind. Before a trip to Washington D.C Francine's face broke out in the worst way. Pains followed, before after and during the flight. When Houston made it back home, her pediatrician recommended a dermatologist. Shortly afterwards Francine Houston was officially diagnosed with Lupus.

The medication issued for treatment quickly caused her body to change. Her face was changing shape and her body started to grow. Everyone around noticed, some showed support. But most people started to treat Francine harshly. Houston rode with all the punches. The ups and downs of Lupus.

Her faith in God, passion for fashion and natural fighting spirit helped her overcome. No matter how tough life got, Francine got tougher. At the end of Lupus Journey, Francine's Lupus went into remission and she was able to take better control of her life.

This is a great book for any survivor of Lupus, or anyone attempting to survive. Francie has written poems and prayers

throughout the book that helps readers mentally, physically and emotionally. Houston's experience shows that no matter the circumstance, it's not impossible to be successful.

I want to thank Ms. Houston for being a survivor, the world needs more people who are bred to thrive, I also thank her for stopping by the office to have a chat. Lupus Journey is

available online on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. It can Also be picked up at Detroit Book City.

Jones - What inspired you to write Lupus Journey?

Francine Houston - I'm a poet, I started doing open mic nights.

Another poet put the idea in my head to turn one of my poems

into a book. The poetry gave me a head start and set the

framework for the book.

Jones - What was the most difficult thing about growing up with Lupus?

Francine Houston - Not knowing what to expect when you wake up in the morning. You don't know if your hair is going to fall out or if your face is going to look crazy. My weight was up and down. My friends didn't know what to expect. Strangers claimed they were worried about me, and close people didn't care to understand.

Jones - How did it affect your social life?

Francine Houston - I became antisocial and closed myself in. I participated in numerous activities and all of a sudden I had to cut back. I put myself in a shell and wanted to be invisible.

Jones - Did putting yourself in the shell help or hurt you?

Francine Houston - It helped me and hurt me in different ways. I learned myself more and got closer to God. I spent the time alone because I didn't want to project my anger on anyone else, it wasn't their fault I had Lupus.

Jones - What advice do you have for anyone living with Lupus?

Francine Houston - Don't cocoon yourself, get out there and enjoy your life. Crawl out of the bed and do something

enjoyable! Watch movies, make yourself laugh, color if you have to.

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