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Prophet Cedric Banks Interviews Apostle Uche Ndubuisi of TRIGA International Network

The Community Shall Be Restored TV Program

If you have been the victim of discrimination, but aren't quite sure where to turn? Now you have the option to file a complaint or just ask questions, in your own community at a place you know and trust.

Beginning on May 21, 2018, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights staff will be on-site at the Telegram Newspaper Building in River Rouge. Through a partnership with the Western Wayne County Branch of the NAACP, this pilot program will run from May through December and will take place on the third Monday of each month.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights Commission investigates alleged discrimination against any person because of religion, race, color, national origin, sex, age, marital status, height, weight, arrest record, and physical and mental disabilities and to "secure the equal protection of such civil rights without such discrimination".

If you think you have been discriminated against, but you would like to talk to someone then stop in at the MDCR Satellite Office – Western Wayne NAACP/Telegram Newspaper Building 10748 W. Jefferson Ave. in River Rouge between the hours of 10:00am to 3:00pm every third Monday of the month. Walk-Ins are welcome.

Prophet Banks:

We have a tremendous show for you today. I have Apostle Uche to my left, Apostle Akinde to my right along with Bishop Mack of TCT Ask the Pastor and Celebrate TV Show. Today we are talking with Apostle Uche who is doing some incredible things. He has a movement going on in Romulus. He is the President of the TRIGA International Network. A man of integrity. Apostle Uche welcome to The Community Shall Be Restored TV show.

Apostle Uche we have Pastors and Prophets who look at the program and who might want to be a part of a movement. Tell us about TRIGA, how did you start it and what is TRIGA.

Apostle Uche:

Thank you Prophet for having me. TRIGA is a network for Ministers. GOD has called us to train Ministers to fulfill their GOD given gifts.

Prophet Banks:

Ministers can come from around the City of Detroit or where ever and come here and get trained and equipped.

Apostle Uche:

Yes. We are a global ministry and Ministers can come and get trained in this ministry.

Prophet Banks:

Now that is downright awesome because there are not many places around the region and the community where you can actually go and get trained and equipped, so that is a blessing. There are people who want to know their purpose and their destiny.

Apostle Uche:

I have discovered that is what I call a identity crisis. Alot of people do not know what they are called to do, and they have to discover who they are. They have to discover who they are so they can fulfill their purpose. There are people who have wasted their time. They have to learn and do what GOD has called them to do. That is the most important thing in your life.


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