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Lillie Rosa Lester, 96 years old

Senior Star


TELEGRAM: What city do you live in, Mrs. Lester?


TELEGRAM: Where were you born and raised?

LILLIE ROSA: I was born in Haddock, Georgia and raised in Macon, Georgia.

TELEGRAM: How many children do you have?

LILLIE ROSA: I have two children, four grandchildren, six great- grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.

TELEGRAM: What do you want readers of the Telegram to know?

LILLIE ROSA: I have served the living Savior most of my life by helping people.

TELEGRAM: What motto do you live by?

LILLIE ROSA: I believe in living life as a service to others and the underprivileged. I have stayed close to the incarcerated, those in the court system, and the homeless. I like the quote, "Let me live in the house by the side of the road and be a friend unto men."

TELEGRAM: What is your employment history?

LILLIE ROSA: As a teenager, I worked in a canning factory. During World War II, I worked in a government factory testing missile firing pins. I also worked for North Carolina Mutual and Atlantic Life Insurance Company, as an underwriter at both. I also worked as a beautician, then came to Michigan and ventured into politics. I was hired as the first woman in the nation as a sergeant-at-arms for legislation. I retired in 1978.

TELEGRAM: Tell us about your family members.

LILLIE ROSA: I was an only child, but I was a mother to many. A news article once titled me as a "mother to lawmakers and many others".

TELEGRAM: Who inspires you?


TELEGRAM: What do you remember most about growing up in the community where you did?

LILLIE ROSA: Church and school. I like attending church.

TELEGRAM: Who were some of the friends you grew up with?

LILLIE ROSA: I grew up with Elizabeth Williams. She was my maid of honor. She and I are the only two living today out of all our school mates.

TELEGRAM: What do you think needs to change in your community?

LILLIE ROSA: We need to go back to our old landmarks; we need families and we need true parents in the home.

TELEGRAM: Who is your favorite singer?

LILLIE ROSA: I guess I can say Aretha Franklin. My children went to school with her. I like Sam Cooke; he had a gift from God. He was a good singer.

TELEGRAM: Do you have a favorite movie?

LILLIE ROSA: No, I don't go to the movies. I don't have a favorite actor or actress, either.


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