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Daizy Doodles Megan White has big dreams, she plans on using her God given artistic talents to make them a reality. White has aspirations of becoming a queen cartoonist and master of the craft. Surpassing the beautiful struggle phase of her career is her working priority.

Megan goes under the pen name of Daizy Doodles. The moniker has many dimensions. A name Megan shares with her Grandmother, and character from a popular comic strip Megan is crafting. Daizy tackles interracial dating, blackness, her chill time, and the topical issues to the struggle of the millennial black woman.

Art is life for this twenty-six year old. White works as an art therapist, for the DIA, and the past nine months she served on a residency for Project Art Detroit. Project Art ran art classes out of the Detroit Library and serviced the community by bringing a unique art experience to the youth.

On top of the workload Megan also has to focus on her own art. The work she does in her own time is diverse, and colorful. You can tell it stems from a hardworking imagination. Daizy often rocks underground shows and offers her services freelance.

This is just the start for this hungry artist. Everyday she bonds with her sketch book and builds a deeper relationship with her pencils, pens and paper. I met Megan on her side of town to talk art, books, and anime.

Xavier Jones - How long have you been doing art?

Daizy Doodles - I've been doing art forever but I've been taking it seriously for three years. My Mother told me "you can't be a starving artist, you have to make it practical" so I took up articiture. I've always looked for a job that works hand in hand with art. But this is the first time I've ever put this much focus and concentration into my own art.

Xavier Jones - What inspired you to take it so seriously?

Xavier Jones - What other sources of media influence your creativity?

Daizy Doodles - It's hard not to be influenced by music of course. Watching my favorite childhood movies always places me in the right headspace. Anime helps, I love it! I can turn on Samurai Champloo or Cowboy Bebop and draw all day.

Xavier Jones – Thank you for your time.

Megan can be followed on Instagram and via her website


Daizy Doodles - I participated in the Inktober Challenge, a yearly social media challenge where artist use the month of October to show their inking skills. It started there and had a snowball effect of me learning new things and finding my own style.

Xavier Jones - What do you want to do with your art and your style?

Daizy Doodles - I want to take it in the direction of animation. I want to create something that can be talked about in the same breath as The Boondocks, or Hey Arnold. Right now, I'm working on comic strips and illustrations. I don't have an interest in being corporate, sitting in an office and making logos all day. I'm a selfish artist, I need to do my own thing!

Xavier Jones - What's your favorite thing about being an artist?

Daizy Doodles - The freedom, it keeps my inner child happy at all times.


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