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Celebrate Father's Day with something personal

June 17 is a special day for many of us. It is the day that we celebrate those men that make us feel special, protect us and provide for us. That's right... It is Father's day.

History of Father's Day

Many will debate that this is a new age concept that has been introduced by greeting cards Company like Archies and Hallmark. However, if you delve into history you will find that for the last 4000 years there has been a day dedicated to celebrating fathers.

Many parts of the world used to celebrate father's day in their own way.

No matter, what the reason for celebration might be, there is no harm in dedicating a day to tell our loved one's that we love you and you mean the world to us ...We celebrated grand parent's day and now that we have decided to go ahead with the celebration of father's day we come to the topic of finding an appropriate gift to celebrate father's day.

Bake a Cake To Celebrate

Father's Day 2018

Now, the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach is certainly not one without reason. The best gift to celebrate Father's day is to bake a cake at home. I have often involved by daughter in the process of baking a cake.

They can help you with the mixing and decorating part. My husband loves an orange chocolate cake.. You can bake any cake you want to surprise your better half,. Trust me, when they wake up in the morning to the sweet aroma of baking they will be genuinely happy and elated.

Little Ways To Surprise Your Father On His Birthday

If you are not the kind to bake a cake or find baking a cake with toddlers a lot of hassle then please do not fret. After all, it is the thought that matters, so you can simply order some personalized cupcakes for the daddy dear to surprise him.

Most of the cake shops and home bakers will offer you a plethora of personalizing choices to celebrate father's day.

Hand Made Cards:

Kids love crayons and scribbling with them. I am thinking of buying them some chart paper and leaving them to make a handmade card for their father with it. They would love making it for their daddy dearest .

Yes, we will have to oversee from time to time and maybe guide them a bit but the joy of the kids while making it and the happiness on the fathers face when he sees the handmade card for him is unmatched. You can take guidance from various You Tube Videos to get ideas on how to go about the same.

Gift A Watch:

I personally think that men are fond of watches. If your partner is also into gadgets and watches then gift him a watch. I love gifting watches as I think , that each time he will look at the watch he will think of the kids who have gifted him the same and break into a smile. I think it's a great gift to celebrate father's day keeping somebody reminding him of you.

Gift a Book:

If your better / worse half loves to read a book then maybe you can pamper him with a good book to read. You can either buy him a fictional book to read or a corporate book to read that will also help him in his corporate life. Reading books is a great way to inch up your skill set and is also fun.

Pamper with Accessories:

When you think of men and accessories, you might think that the options are limited but in reality there are various things that you can gift him. Think of a nice cufflink set with matching tiepins. Also ties and tie pins are also a hot favorite amongst men. Pamper them with goodies and accessories so that they can look sharp and smart at work.


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