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Letter to My People


August 9, 2018

What is sad is that we will all mourn the recent murder spree in Chicago but we will not do anything to find out why we Black People keep killing each other. Many say it's because we don't have access to opportunities

like others. But that does not mean we don't have any opportunities. They will say it was designed for us to

do this to each other. What they won't tell you is we still have a choice to murder or not to murder our own or anyone else for that fact There are many poor, middle class, and well to do Black folks and people of color in this country and they are not harming anybody or blaming anyone else for their failure or success in this

country. They contribute daily to the well being and upkeep of their community, State, and Nation. We gotta do something my Black Brothers and Sisters about us killing us or soon there will be no us to care about. If we do not care for us I don't know who we think is going to care for us. We can no longer remain silent about the senseless murders that take place in our urban communities committed by us on us. We cannot remain silent just because somebody White did not do it. We should care just as much about a Black man murdered

by a Black man as we do one murdered by a Whiteman. We should be working on how to strengthen what remains and on improving the lives and well being of those who live and work and raise families in our urban communities of color. I know everybody else kills everybody else but that knowledge also is not a solution for us to stop murdering us. My dad and mom used to say "just because they jumped off a bridge does not

mean you have to jump off too." I know I will be attacked by my own people for bringing this up but that is okay. I know how much it hurts.

Pastor O

Runner for Christ Ministries

27085 Outer Dr. Ecorse


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