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Eddie Eagle comes back to Ecorse

Eddie Eagle is the National Rifle Association (NRA) Pre-K to 4th grade Gun Safety Character and Teacher. He along with Corporal Christoval Trevino have been teaching the children of The Ecorse Public School System at no charge. Eddie Eagle and Officer Trevino Teaches: Stop! Don't touch!! Run a way!!! And tell a grown up!!!! All the materials used are free and given to the Police Department and the students of Ecorse Public Schools by the NRA.

Last August, the Police Department and Trevino applied for a grant and were awarded with The Costume of Eddie Eagle which values $2800. Eddie Eagle made his first public appearance August 11, 2018 at the city’s Movie Night. Mayor Lamar Tidwell said, “I remember Eddie Eagle when I was in the police department. The kids were drawn to him during the Movie Night and will be helpful in spreading gun safety to the children.”

He will be making appearances as requested or needed by the City of Ecorse and the Ecorse Public School System. Tidwell also stated that “This is one of the things that this administration is bringing to the community.”

The costume belongs to the NRA and the Ecorse Police Department. Corporal Trevino escorts Eddie Eagle everywhere and schedules his appearances.


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