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It Takes A Village Youth Festival

Ebony Elmore took this weekend to host her 5th annual It Takes A Village Community youth event. Families from all over gathered at Memorial Park for art, food, and a school supply giveaway. It Takes A Village serves multiple purposes.

It brought the oldest members of the community together to fellowship with their young counterparts. The community gets to operate with vendors who work in literature, health care and culinary arts. Finally it's a day that guarantees happiness and unity. Especially when those days are far and few between.

Ebony is an advocate for children, education, and the preservation of our environment. It Takes A Village combined her passions, and gave the community a chance to get acquainted.

Aunty Diva didn't do this alone. It Takes A Village was funded by grants from the People's Climate Movement Michigan, and Soulardarity LLC. Ebony also had her fantastic family and a band of trusty advisors by her side. She gives the highest thanks to her Planning team. Rhonda Anderson, Ben Goode, Lakesha Berry, Erica Peterson, Janice Rogers, and Kyle Black.

I got a chance to ask Ebony a few questions during the festival.

Xavier Jones - How has the event developed over the years?

Ebony Elmore - It started small, there were lots of options to choose from. We kicked off at Belanger Park, doing demonstrations on how the air in our community was being effected. We've had an effect on many families and business around the neighborhood.

Xavier Jones - What's your goal for this annual youth festival?

Ebony Elmore - To have a day of unification for my community! To celebrate our youth before they go back to school and to send them back with the proper tools!

Xavier Jones - What ties do you have with the community and it's youth?

Ebony Elmore - I've been an after school teacher for the River Rouge School District. I also started my own at home daycare that's available to close friends and family. Sometimes, I partner with the local schools to brainstorm on youth friendly events.

Xavier Jones - How do you feel now that it's all over?

Ebony Elmore - It feels good! Like a blessing! I want to use my experience as a living testimony. I hope that everything that God has offered me has been reflected through my services.

Xavier Jones - What could you have done differently?

Ebony Elmore - Put my team together and started planning sooner! We need to get together now to debrief, discuss the pros and cons, and start making plans for next year. True and effective planning is from Summer to Summer, all year round.


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