Youth gain access to the technology industry through Summer Associates Program


August 30, 2018

Summer Associates as pictured left to right: Saeed Kasem, Tru-Von Lee, Justin Vaunado, Leonardo Hernandez-Murillo, Neisha Mercado-Velez

All About Technology has concluded another successful year of its Summer Associates Program which has been in operation for the past 11 years. This program helps youths through internships and job shadows gain meaningful work experience in the technology industry, serving as a foothold for their future careers.

For six weeks this summer, five local teenagers, hosted in collaboration with the federally funded City of Detroit's Grow Detroit Young Talent Program, worked on the front lines assisting customers and helping with key operations providing invaluable on- the- job learning experience. That first job or internship provides opportunity for youths to learn how to succeed and, more importantly, how to fail and try again. It's where the youth begin to acquire the habits, skills, and values that guide them for life.

All About Technology is proud of the knowledge and education summer associates have received. It's one of the many ways All About Technology is dedicated to investing in our community and our young people and continuing to bridge the digital divide by making technology affordable and accessible for all.


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