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By James Abeare

What was he thinking?


December 6, 2018

Last week Kid Rock was in Nashville to be the Grand Marshall of the city’s Christmas parade. That Friday morning he was interviewed by Steve Doocy on FOX & Friends.

The interview went very well except for the very end when Kid Rock made some unflattering remarks about The View host Joy Behar. I won’t repeat them here. I even cringed when I heard them.

Anyway, the mayor of Nashville, David Briley, heard the remarks and removed Kid Rock from the parade as Grand Marshall. Robert James Ritchie, what were you thinking??

Since you came out as a Conservative and joked about running for office the Left has been leery of you. Some people even protested you opening Little Ceasers Arena.

As a Conservative, you should know that the Left has their collective undies in a bunch these days. Everything offends them.

They are complaining about Charlie Brown, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer and are having radio stations stop playing the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

Even with Trump in the White House, the Left still seems to run the country. And you give them more ammo to use against us on the Right.

I agree with your sentiments about Behar and the crew on the view but you cn’t say it out loud at a family event on national TV.

Even the hosts on FOX & Friends apologized for you.

You are a great guy and I love your support of Detroit and Michigan.

Just watch what you say and where you say it.

The Right will one day rise again and people like Joy Behar and The View will be sent to the trash bin of history.

Jim has been a contributor to the Telegram for over five years. You can contact Jim at [email protected].


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