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Prophet Cedric Banks Interviews Public Safety Personnel from CrimeStoppers, Detroit Police Commissioners and DRACO

The Community Shall Be Restored Television Program

Prophet Cedric Banks:

We have a great show for you today. Dan welcome to The Community Shall Be Restored. So your tracking down the killers. You know every time I look at you, you remind me so much of John Walsh. So what do you have here for us today?

Dan DiBardino:

Prophet, thank you so much for having us on the show and being able to talk to your audience. There are a couple of situations here. There are some cases we are still looking to find answers for and we need to reach out to the public. I am going to give you these and you can show them to your audience. This 9 year old little girl been missing since 2009 she was murdered and we do not know who did it.

Prophet Cedric Banks:

If somebody knew who killed her, how would they get the reward? How would they contact you?

Dan DiBardino:

Over the last 5 years CrimeStoppers have received over 28,000 anonymous tips. Not one of those tipsters Prophet has ever been identified. We don't know who they are or where they come from, where they live, whether they are white or black, whether they are men or women. When they call us they are given a 5 digit number and they can call our local office 1800SPEAKUP. They can call and track their tip to see if there are calls for arrest with the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Dan DiBardino:

All we tell them is that we have 3 banks Huntington Bank, Comerica Bank and Citizens Bank that we have initiatives with, and we just simply say, without telling us where you live can you get to one of these banks. If they say yes, we tell them to go there the next week, we have already told the Bank Manager.

Prophet Cedric Banks:

Police Commissioner what do you have going on?

Willie Burton:

I would like to share that the City of Detroit have programs that are very helpful to families pertaining to our youth. Oftentimes, you hear about youth sitting at home playing video games, hanging out with friends but we want to empower you and give you something to do. We have programs like DetroitPal for those proud mothers and proud parents who want to see their children excel. DetroitPal is here located right on Michigan in Corktown and the phone number is 313.833.1600.

Scotty Boman:

I formed DRACO Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight because people do not know the answers to questions like what is the role of a Police Commissioner. Many people do not know that we have civilian oversight so that we won't have instances of strong alienation between the Community and the Police.

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