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February 7, 2019

Pastor Gerald Overall is the Pastor of Runner for Christ Ministries

As we continue with our interviews of local pastors, this week I sat down with Pastor Gerald Overall who is the Pastor of Runner for Christ Ministries located at 27085 Outer Drive in Ecorse.

How long have you been the Pastor? I have been the pastor for Sixteen (16) years.

Is this your first pastorship? Yes

Was your plan for your life growing up to be a Pastor? No, not at all. My plan was to follow my brothers into drag racing. I thought when I grew up I would own an auto mechanic shop, fix cars, build race cars and then sell them. I had no desire to be in the church eventhough most of my family was into God. My father and my mother each had their way of introducing me to God.

In what area would you like to see the church improve or grow? Bible Class. The weakest part of most churches is Bible Class. New Christians must be taught. We have a teaching system that includes three bible classes. Some of the classes are on Blog Talk Radio where the members or anyone can have bible study 365 days a year, 7 days a week. There is no excuse. If people are not taught what the bible says, they will stay the same way that they were before they gave their life to Christ.

With technology, we have a means to reach people where ever they are.

What do you see as two of the biggest problems facing the church today?

Factionalism - we are not all on the same page. People are confused because there are so many denominations and there are even different churches within the denomination. People want to go to church, but which one is the right one.

Another problem is the lack of participation in Bible Study. People participate in many other ministries, except Bible Study.

What type of community programs do you and your church participate in? My wife and I support Shriners Hospital and St. Jude Hospital. The church participates with Gleaners, Forgotten Harvest, Salvation Army and Detroit Rescue Mission. We help send kids to camp and feed people at Thanksgiving.

Pastor Overall has also written three books.

It seems like many churches are missing people in the age group of 13-45; Why is that? They don't talk to them in their language. We can't change the bible, but we have to change the way we present it. We connect with them on Social Media and talk to them. We have to realize that what works for us, don't work for them. We don't have that RFCM. We have people of all ages.

There seems to be a lack of morals in the world today, what is it going to take to change it.

We can't let the world set the values for the Church. We have to follow the Bible. The church is being accomodating and loosing it's morals. The church should be the standard of rightousness.

What do you do when you notice a member of the church is missing? We are a family. If you miss on Sunday, my wife will call you to make sure you are alright. We will seek you out.

What message would you like to give to our readers? Let your light shine and do your good works and give glory to God. Be the Salt of the Earth.

What is your family make-up? He has been married to Sheila for 32 years and together they have 5 grown children. They are retired after running their business for over 25 years.

You can reach Pastor Overall at - (313) 908-9448 or (313) 381-9303


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