Prophet Cedric Banks Interviews Gospel Recording Artist Freddi Rene and Playwright Cliff Robinson


February 14, 2019

Prophet Banks:

We have a great show for you today. We have a dynamite singer here today Recording Artist and very anointed woman of GOD, Freddi Rene and we have playwright Cliff Robinson. Mr. Robinson is looking for Artists from Singers, Dancers, Actors of all ages for his upcoming play. As you were singing Ms. Rene, Mr. Robinson gave me the thumbs up. Mr. Robinson tell us about your play.

Mr. Robinson:

Ms. Rene the song was great, you were creative, you were great. I loved it. Well the play is called Quintessence, it is a musical that is scripture based. The talent we are looking for is everybody. We are looking for kids, teens, adults, grandma and grandpa. If you sing dance, act, choreography, technical skills, etc., we need you.

Prophet Banks:

So the people that you are looking for, how do they apply to be on your roster as an applicant for your play?

Mr. Robinson:

Our website is and it will show and reflect all of the audition dates. The next audition date is February 16, 2019, and all the auditions will be held at the Northwest Activity Center. We will be having other auditions every other month until June. The show will actually open September 15, 2019 at the Northwest Activity Center. The play has several genres from jazz music, pop and gospel. There are several acting scenes and something for everybody.

Prophet Banks:

So Ms. Rene tell us about yourself and the event you have coming up?

Ms. Freddi Rene:

Yes, on February 16, 2019 the same day as Mr. Robinson audition I have a City Wide Concert promoting my latest single CD at Greater Emmanual Institutional Church from 4pm to 6pm. I will be releasing my single CD Concert. You can go to to check out my website for tickets and I would like to thank my manger and Mr. Ganaway of KGII Management.

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