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February 14, 2019

How good and pleasant it is for [sisters] to dwell together in unity” (Psalm 37:4). Where there is unity, there is strength.

I often hear women say that it is difficult to get along with other women. An aunt once told me, ‘women don’t to dress to impress men, they dress to impress other women.’ It’s almost like there is this secret competition going on. It can be subtle and sometimes it is blatant.

Perhaps the sister rivalry stems from our innate desire to be the preferred apple of our Father’s eye. Some Daddy’s girls have a hard time sharing their Dad. When we realize that Father has enough for ALL of us, we will not feel threatened by our sisters’ successes or closeness to Him.

Knowing that God takes pleasure in seeing us getting along, it should compel us to unite. Sisterhood is a powerful force that ought to trump the differences that threaten to separate us.

When our sister is different, it doesn’t make her worse or better, it means just that, she’s different. When the Martha’s of the world have issues with how we do things, we have to trust God to help her understand (Luke 10:38-42).

We have to surround ourselves with women like Elizabeth, who make our ‘baby’ leap (Luke 1:41)! We need sisters who welcome us, identify with us, listen, understand, encourage, impart wisdom, celebrate and nurture what God has placed in us. We need sisters who keep us lifted in prayer, accountable, sharpened and challenged to rise. Sisters authentically ‘rejoice when we rejoice and weep when we weep’ (Romans 12:15).

Sometimes we have to love our sister enough to release her to pursue her own destiny (Ruth 1:12, 15) Sometimes we have to love our sister enough to refuse to leave her side (Ruth 1:16, 17). We need our sisters when we have everything, when we have nothing, when we struggle and when we are strong.

Near or far, we need sisterly love, forgiveness and support. It goes beyond biology. Sisterhood is spiritual. The bond of sisterhood transcends time and space and it gives us synergy making the world less threatening. Always make sure you are part of the solution. Love you sisters and experience the POWER of sisterhood.


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