In remembrance of my Mom


Addie Steward

It's been seven years since God gave you your wings. Not a day goes by that your name or presence touches me. It took me this long to share these words of you and a tear is always near and follows, but I know its You and God pushing me through. Love you Mom!!

Our Mom wrote a lot of Poems, here's one of many. Happy Birthday - March 8.

He Makes No


God makes no mistakes The paths of Life are not easy

God didn't mean them to be

His plans are made from birth to

death,Though you cannot see

They're there as he guides you

And helps you when you stumble

Your goals can always be reached

Along his planned path, from which

You have taken a tumble

Perhaps the paths you planned

Became bumpy and distort

But trust in his plans and your

Goals cannot abort

Continue to strive for whatever

You endeavor, don't falter,

Don't depress

Just trust Gods love and strive on To Great, Greater Success.

By: Addie Steward

Dedicated to, Keith, Angela, Krystal, & Asia. In memory of her Mother, Johnetta.

Your son, Keith B. Steward


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