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By Xavier Jones
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Cottage And Lakefront Living Show


Despite record setting snow storms and cold cyclones, we must not forget summer is still a real thing. The Cottage And Lakefront Living Show came to the Suburban Collection Showplace to remind us just of that.

Nothing but smiling faces flooded Novi. Women, children and men gathered in Novi for a taste of the great outdoors.

Hammocks, sleeping bags and innovative lounging gear was the first thing I seen while entering. All terrains and temperatures can be enjoyed. Extreme heat, cold or even in the water. It was there if you needed it.

Taxidermied bears scraped the skies and threatened to attack. Stuffed birds, zebras and other calm wildlife balanced the scene.

You would have thought the ocean was imported in. Luxury boats, jet skis and kayaks paraded on the show floor like a California pier. The fancy motorhomes, and personal living spaces brought the forest feel. You could smell the fresh wood in the air.

There was something for everybody in the house. Seems like everything was there but the literal outside. Even a portable beach for the children. On behalf of The Cottage And Lakefront Living Show, everybody was one family. Under one roof.


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