By Selena Smith
Contributing Reporter 



April 11, 2019

State Representative Tyrone Carter took time out to read to the students at Sabbath Middle School

Legacy of Literacy founded by Alma Greer is a non profit organization. Celebrates National Reading Month with Dr. Jonella Mongo who specialize in hosting Real Men Read throughout several communities. And with her expertise and Selena Smith passion for children they decided to coordinate the male readers event at Sabbath Middle School on March 28th from 9-11:30 am.

Selena Smith in education has worked in several capacities were inspired to do this event during March reading month to capture their attention bringing in professional men that can give them a different outlook and perspective on any given situation.

The 'Real Men Readers,' consisted of several men from different backgrounds that volunteered their time to read and mentor to middle school students from 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. The eloquent and yet, profound readers accentuated the importance of reading, getting good grades, taking education seriously, bullying and peer pressure.

Mr. Tyrone Carter State Representative from District 6. Read to a 6th grade class as he expressed that all students to continue to have perseverance throughout their lives. The word perseverance is one of Sabbath character traits of the month.

The' Real Men Readers,' were Myron Fountain he is The Prison Specialist Doctor/Motivational Speaker. Our finest from River Rouge Police Station Detective Arapakis, Victor Marsh is the Executive from Boy Scouts of America. And News Herald Reporter Colin Maloney did a wonderful job in reading and reporting.

Principal at Sabbath Middle School Demond Thomas know the importance of having role models for our students. Many of our children are lacking male role models. As he can identify in his adolescent years. He had to work twice as hard to become the successful man that he is today. It is pertinent he said, for each student to be constantly reminded of their value and self- worth and that our babies can achieve and obtain anything in life with a solid education.

Principal Thomas is very passionate about Real Men Read and these gentlemen that read today. Can identify with society issues and the pressure of life and they truly want nothing but the best for this generation to overcome barriers and succeed in life.


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