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By Xaiver Jones
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River Rouge Dance Explosion


Ann Visger Dance Troupe show their style and with smiling faces

The dancers, and instructors of River Rouge has been working hard all year. The River Rouge Dance Explosion gave everyone a chance to display their moves. The young ladies of the Panther Elites, Royalty "N" Motion and the Ann Visger Dance Troupe put their art on the line for the community to behold.

Grace and style was energy of the Dance Explosion. Coach Goodman is a dancer of all styles and it was her goal to have the dancers work out of their comfort zone. Less hip hip dancing, and more moves that involved jazz, ballet, gospel and tap. The hours of practice showed with every slide, hop, and spin. Alicia Wideman was able to use her voice for a lovely solo that had the audience's jaws on the floor.

Members of Royalty "N" Motion perform for the community

The Ann Visger Dance Troupe did not miss a step. Every action was influenced by confidence and pizzazz. You could feel the training, preparation, and discipline instilled by Coach Hawkins before the curtains opened up. The elementary school dancers showed the poise of seasoned professionals.

The River Rouge Dance Explosion proves that the district needs a dance program. In Ann Visger, Stem, Sabbath, and the High School. The ability and opportunity to dance gave these growing young women a chance to network, fellowship, and express themselves through art. A program with this much potential should have a pipeline process the same way football and basketball does.

Thank you Coach Hawkins and Coach Goodman for passing on your skills to the next generation of performers. The parents, students and community appreciate it.


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