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By Xavier Jones
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Health Is Wealth: Sumpter Medical Clinic To Open In September


August 15, 2019

From right to left: CEO Yolanda King with daughter Yolanda, husband Reginal King, Sherry Pritchet and Angela King standing in front of the building

Throughout history, Visger Road has been a lot of things. In a time years before my own Visger was a booming black metropolis. Both sides of the street teeming with business and productivity.

2019 has shown us a different narrative. Few businesses have stood times test. There is a building that sits between Frazier and Beechwood. The ominous, strong standing structure has been in tact for over twenty years. A ghost of the medical center it was in the past.

Thanks to Yolanda King and her dedicated staff, a running health center is returning to Visger Road. Sumpter Medical Clinic is opening up on 310 Visger Road. This is a revolutionary happening for the community. There isn't many health options available between River Rouge, Ecorse, and Southwest Detroit. Alot of people, specifically elders or families with children have a hard time traveling outside the neighborhood to tend to their health needs.

Sumpter Health is offering a one stop shop for the community's health needs. The integrated health care clinic offers physical therapy, mental health services for children and adults, a pharmacy, and primary care. The list goes on. Sumpter can provide prescription drop offs and transportation to and from the clinic.

Professionalism, honor, and family are the principles ran in Sumpter Medical. The Human Resources team runs a thorough background check on all personal. The pharmacy is screened closely to monitor abuse among the patients. The office is focused on the health of the people, not the numbers. Most insurances will be accepted so anyone can come and get themselves checked out.

August 31st Sumpter Medical Clinic will be hosting a community health fair. The family fun day will include food, entertainment, and health care screenings to prepare for the September 7th opening. Sumpter Medical is passing out resources, it would be unhealthy not to check out what's going on. The goal is for the community to take charge of their physical and mental well being, and create a new cycle where health is taken as seriously as it needs to be.


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