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Mrs. Smith Celebrates Forty Years Of Feeding Famlies

For a school district to run properly, all parts must function in synchronicity. The district can be a constant cycle of change. Policies change, teachers retire, administrators find new jobs. One thing is consistent in every schoolhouse across the world. There will be hungry kids, who require the proper nutrition to start and finish the day.

At times, the kitchen department can get lost in the shuffle of public school politics. Valencia Smith has seen the highs, the lows, and best eras of River Rouge. Valencia has worked in the district’s kitchen for forty years. She’s served students who grew up to be champions, teachers, and leaders of the world and River Rouge.

"Mrs. Smith is the most caring, selfless person I know. She is always looking out for everyone else." Says lead kitchen worker Victalia Peterson.

The Telegram Newspaper honored Mrs. Smith with an award for her hardwork and dedication to the community. The award was presented to her while she stood her post at Sabbath Middle School. The 6th grade lunch period got Mrs. Smith celebrated with cake, a certificate, and balloons.

Mrs. Smith works very hard and has been a backbone at whatever school she’s worked at. She loves her job. When I asked her was she going to retire, she had this to say.

“As long as God wakes me up in the morning and keeps my body motivated, and the children don’t get on my nerves, I will be here!”

This is not a job for Mrs. Smith, but an act of service. She loves feeding the kids, and watching them grow up to be big, successful and strong. Valencia smith will always be appreciated for the time she’s put in with our youth.


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