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Albert Harper Sets Record At Courageous Health & Fitness Expo

Health is a journey that comes with its own trials and tribulations. The dedication to pick yourself up and exercise comes at different times for different people. As vital as physical health may be, people choose, or choose not to take control of it of a multitude of reasons. A large percentage of Americans grew up in sports, some went to military and picked up the habit there, a few may just want to look good, and the crazy handful push their body to the limits for the pure fun of it.

Tim Dandridge, of Courageous Health & Fitness recognizes the health and fitness issues in the black community.

"We need to make sure our health and fitness is important!" Says Dandridge. "It can be fun! It doesn't have to be so serious, there's no need for a back breaking goal. A person can just work out and build a fun, healthy lifestyle behind it."

The biggest goal Tim had in mind, was for the community to fellowship under one roof with one goal. Using and training their bodies for success and longevity.

"This is for everybody!" Tim explained to me. "We got vendors and entrepreneurs, this an event of networking and growing from the person you used to be."

Speaking of success and longevity, Albert "The Exercise Bandit" Harper was in attendance. Tim invited Mr. Harper to set a new world record. The Exercise Bandit stole the show when he performed ten push ups. These were no ordinary push ups ladies and gentleman. The Bandit balanced his hands on VHS tapes, while balancing a leg on a can of Ajax. All the while a broken glass bottle rested under his neck. He set the record with ten, but performed fifteen in total.

The expo was a grand victory. Tim planted the first of his seed and is waiting patiently for the tree to grow. Be on the lookout for something special.


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