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In Michigan, Felons can vote

During an election, many wonder what rights a convicted felon has, especially when it comes to voting. In a heated election, each vote makes a difference, and understanding the rights that a convicted felon has is important.

Each state deals with a felony conviction and their rights different from the other. This causes the laws to vary drastically from state to state. For states like Maine and Vermont, a felon never loses their right to vote. That means even when a person is in prison they can still cast a vote.

For the State of Michigan, a felony conviction makes an individual ineligible to vote only while they are incarcerated. Once a person is released from prison they are able to have their voting rights automatically restored.

Individuals who are on parole or probation are eligible to cast a vote in an election. However, many felons believe they have completely lost their rights to vote, but it is important for an ex-offender to re-register to vote.

Convicted felons in Michigan regain their voting rights with no forms of restrictions after jail. Convicts on probation and parole are also eligible.

For those in jail, awaiting trial or arraignment – and not yet served time – can vote by filing the absentee ballot.

Ex-convicts may not have to restore their voting rights, as they are automatically restored at sentence completion. However, an ex-convict must re-register or register before they can express their voting right.

For more information visit your clerk office.


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