Marion J. Bloye Scholarship Deadline Approaches


October 24, 2019

Bridging Communities is pleased to announce that we are able to continue the Marion J. Bloye Scholarship’s for Continuing Education. Bridging Communities seeks to invest in neighborhood students who are committed to our neighborhood and enhancing the quality of life of our older adults.

Based in Southwest Detroit, Bridging Communities Inc. is a grassroots collaborative involving local unions, businesses, residents, social service and faith-based organizations working together to create caring communities where people of all ages can live in dignity in Southwest Detroit. Our work improves the quality of life for the elders of Southwest Detroit by meeting their needs and the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods, through creative collaboration and innovative programming.

This scholarship recognizes Bridging Communities’ first Executive Director Marion J Bloye. Marion spearheaded Bridging Communities’ predecessor Project Seek and Visit the Elderly, also known as Project S.A.V.E. over thirty years ago. She has been instrumental in supporting and sustaining Southwest Detroit. She continues to be a leader and inspiration to her neighbors and co-workers. Bridging Communities is proud to create this scholarship in her name, in hopes that her work will inspire the next generation to strive to create community, good will and works that support and empower older adults.

Two scholarships of $500 will be provided to selected students who meet the following requirements:

· Reside within the neighborhoods that Bridging Communities serves:

zip codes: 48204, 48206, 48208, 48209, 48210, 48216, 48217, and 48238.

· Demonstrate a commitment to community

· Demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the quality of life of older adults

· Prove enrollment in an accredited college or technical school for continuing education for Winter 2019-2020

· Complete applications must be received by Bridging Communities by November 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM.

Selected scholars will be notified by Friday November 15, 2019, and the award will be given at BCI’s annual New Year Celebration on Friday January 10, 2020. Scholars will be asked to give an acceptance speech at this event, and are welcome to bring their family and friends. They will be publicly recognized at BCI events and through social media outlets.


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