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The Detroit Men Group donate tablets to Bahamas

When there is a need, the Detroit Men from the Historic King Solomon Church of Detroit is there to help. Upon a visit to Nassau Bahamas, earlier last month, Rev. Charles Williams, Sr. of the Detroit Men visited with Bishop Rev. Dr. J. Carl Rahming, the Pastor of St. Paul's Baptist Church in Nassau and the men discussed a need. Because of the devastation that hurricane Dorian left after it hit the Abaco Islands and Freeport in Bahamas as a Category 5, the citizens need help.

Some people lost their lives due to the hurricane, but there were many families that have been displaced and moved to Nassau. The families were originally housed in nine shelters, but now they are down to five shelters. Bishop Rahming said this is because some families have been reunited with family members throughout the country.

During the weekly meeting of the Michigan National Action Network on Saturday, November 8, 2019, the Detroit Men presented Bishop Rahming with ten new tablets. The tablets will be used at one of the shelters in Nassau for students to complete homework and to connect to the world via the internet. Bishop Rahming said, "There is good people everywhere and I am happy to be able to fellowship with Rev. Charles Williams, Sr. and the men here. I am grateful for what you have done.


Rev. Williams said. "Charity starts at home and when folks need help, they need help and we will do what we can to help them." They had a fundraiser and the men chipped in to make sure they had enough to purchase the tablets. " Our next task is to travel to the Bahamas to help rebuild the area that was devastated."

For more information on the Detroit Men contact Rev. Charles Williams, Sr. on Saturdays, between 10am – 12noon at the Historic King Solomon Church located at 6100 14th St. in Detroit.


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