Pay-What-You-Want Math Tutoring Service


January 9, 2020

Detroit, MI – It's hard making ends meet and paying bills on a limited budget or fixed income. Low-income families know this reality all too well. They also know the frustrating feeling of needing extra help in school with math but not being able to afford it. So, they turn to Youtube, Facebook, or Google trying to find that help. But, instead, they find endless hours of largely fruitless searching. Now, however, low-income families and college students can get the expert help they need with a pay-what-you-want math tutoring service that alleviates the worry of adding an extra bill into an already tight budget. Plus, it helps students struggling in math afford a private tutor for such an important subject.

"No student graduates from K-12 without passing math. No student graduates from college without passing a math course," says, doctor of education and Detroit-based owner and operator of Pay-What-You-Want Math Tutoring Service, Dr. Stephanie Wren. "This is the perfect witch's brew for private tutors and agencies to charge excessive rates for already cash-strapped students who are struggling in math. My goal is to give students and families an economical and flexible alternative to what's already out there."

Randaile Hughley, a former student at Wayne County Community College District, was a client of Dr. Wren's during the Fall 2019 semester. He credits her Pay-What-You-Want Math Tutoring Service with helping him pass his statistics class. "I can honestly say that she helped me in a way that... it's no way I would have passed this class without her." According to Dr. Wren, that type of reaction is what's most rewarding. "When students say to me 'you are a God-send' or 'I don't know what I would have done without you,' I know that my service has solved a problem for them that had driven them to their wits' end. That is what motivates me."

The Pay-What-You-Want Math Tutoring Service suggests a $5 minimum rate for sessions based in Detroit. For services rendered outside of Detroit, reimbursement for mileage must be paid at the federal rate of $0.58 per mile. All tutoring sessions are 45 minutes in length and are by appointment only. Contact Dr. Stephanie Wren at 313-550-6181 or [email protected] for more information


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