Inkster Legends announce winners for Christmas Raffle


January 9, 2020

Inkster Legends Director Fred Smiley and State Representative Jewell Jones and all of the toy shoppers at Meijer in Westland

The Inkster Legends had another successful Christmas season as they played Santa Claus to numerous families.

The winners of this year's raffle are listed below:

3 .Globetrotters -Mike Halker.

2.Bayshore Resorts- Sam Mims

3.Piston game- Brian Quantz.

Night at the Marriott Courtyard- W. Woodward

1st dinner for 2 Texas Roadhouse - Yolanda Holmes

2nd dinner for 2 Texas Roadhouse-Corey Thomas Thomas.

Porterhouse Steak- Alicia Murrell.

1st 4 tickets Henry Ford Museum- Lisa Lewis.

2nd 4 tickets Henry Ford Myseum-Monica Holt.

15 party birthday blast Romulus Center Trentine Jones

Dinner for 4 Mexican Village- Joann Sayles

$25.00 gift card Mexican Fiesta -Bernie Hugely.

$25.00 gift card Mexican Fiesta-Ernestine Williams

$25.00 gift card Mexican Fiesta-Jason Reed

Dinner for 2 at They Say Loren Claypool

1st dinner for 2 at the Ford Garage-Mitch Riley

2nd dinner for 2 at the Ford Farage-Richard Perkins

1st dinner for 2 Urban Soul Mike Green

2nd dinner for 2 at Urban Soul- James Ross

1st dinner for 4 at Golden Coral- Barb Wood

2nd dinner for 2 at Golden Coral- Venus Willis

4 tickets to the Detroit Zoo- Lorenzo Moner

Dinner for 2 Sammy Cuccinas- Brian James

2 Bonus Prizes

1st $150 Teeth Whitening. at the Cherry hill De b talk Center- Heather Mahon

2nd Bonus prize- 3 free Hair cuts at Drews Cool Cutz wayne- Brenda Jooi

Princess Cruise- Clint Barnett

Music Hall-Annett Johnson.


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