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Our free world in peril

On January 29, before the cravenly Republican senators voted on February 5 to give the criminal false president Donald Trump dictatorial powers instead of righteously removing him from office, I and countless others received a fund-raising email from his co-conspirator in his Ukraine coverup--Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell--via the 'Daily Grind News.' Perhaps because I "redacted" the fund-raising information in that January 29 email from Sen. McConnell to which I was responding and had planned to send to my many Democrat (and a few progressive Republican) friends, my responding email to Sen. McConnell kicked back--so I read it instead on my 9:30 Saturday morning WCHB AM1340 show and on Detroit Internet Television (, and I'm putting it now in a newspaper column. Here follows my response I wrote to McConnell which I signed 'JohnTelford, age 84, retired superintendent of the Detroit Public Schools, executive board member of the Michigan Democrats' 14th Congressional District, and NCAA All-American quarter-miler representing Detroit's Wayne State University in 1957--with the accent on AMERICAN':

'Sen. McConnell, this is my answer to your biased partisan politicizing and your fund-request: I regard you, sir, as a disgrace to your Celtic heritage and to your liberty-loving Irish forebears. (I'm a first-generation Scottish-AMERICAN.) You are behaving like a treasonously cowardly fascist-fellow-traveler. I don't know how you can in conscience call yourself an Irish-AMERICAN, regardless of the fact that you have freedom-loving ancestral countrymen who formed the valiant IRA in resistance to Ireland's English oppressors. Perhaps you should change your name to Adolf Mitchler, Benito Mitchellini, or Vlad Mitchski and emigrate to Russia, which is now the enslaved fascist nation of dictator-wannabe Donald Trump's dictator hero. I had four uncles who fought in World War II, and one was at Pearl Harbor when it was hit. Buddy Murphy--the older boy who lived next door to me on Detroit's 16th Street between 1936 and 1942--was killed in the 1944 invasion of Normandy. In alliance with Britain, the free French underground, China, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, we fought off Adolf Hitler's, Benito Mussolini's, and Hideki Tojo's imperialist and murderous fascism--and now you collude to convert our country to a form of fascism FROM WITHIN.

Trump considers himself to be above the law. I doubt that he even knows during what centuries France's King Louis XIV reigned, or even who that warlike monarch was, but Louis XIV proclaimed 'L'Etat ce moi' ('I am the State')--and that is what Trump in effect is claiming HE also is. Donald Trump is clearly a lawless, narcissistic, amoral, paranoid, and dangerously unstable buffoon who has repeatedly demonstrated his ignorance of the United States Constitution and his contempt for our precious democratic republic--and moreover, you and all of those cravenly 'see-no-evil' Republican (ReTRUMPican?) senators know it damned well. The time has come for you and for them to muster the courage and patriotism to impeach him, remove him, imprison him, nominate the former Ohio governor or another good GOP conservative for the 2020 presidential election, take steps to prevent Vladimir Putin's interference in it, and therefore ensure that the election will be an honest race--its outcome to be decided fairly and entirely this time by We the People.' Tragically, the shamefully traitorous Republican senators decided to virtually crown him King of America instead. I feel a deathly fear that our America and the free world which those senators have betrayed may reap the whirlwind before we ever get the chance to vote the treasonous Trump out of office next November and avert a global war.

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