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Wayne County homeowners can avoid foreclosure, stay in their homes

Pay As You Stay

DETROIT – Wayne County Treasurer Eric Sabree joined Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan and Executive Warren Evans this week for a bill signing to provide tax relief to tens of thousands who owe back property taxes in Wayne County.

"Taxpayers who have received a poverty tax exemption from their home city or township and have unpaid delinquent taxes are eligible for PAYS if their home city or township has not opted out of the program, said Sabree. "We will have a list of participating cities and townships prior to April 1, 2020.

"We are preparing letters to those taxpayers who qualify for PAYS," said Treasurer Sabree. "We are asking those who qualify to come to the Wayne County Treasurer's Office beginning April 15, 2020 to enroll in the program. If Taxpayers do not receive a letter from the WCTO, they may call after April 15, 2020 to check on their eligibility status. Taxpayers qualified by their home cities or townships as eligible for the PAYS program will not get foreclosed in 2020 even though the PAYS start date is after the foreclosure deadline.

The plan would eliminate all interest, penalties and fees owed on back property taxes and reduce a homeowner's balance due to the back taxes only, or 10 percent of a home's taxable value – whichever is less. For example, if a taxpayer has an outstanding balance of delinquent taxes of $4,000 and the taxable value of the property is $30,000, the delinquent tax amount ($4,000)is greater than 10% of the taxable value ($3,000); so the outstanding delinquent tax amount will be reduced to $3,000.

A taxpayer who pays the entire reduced amount ("lump sum payment") within 45days after they receive the notice, will be eligible for an additional 10% off the reduced amount. In the example above, the taxpayer making a lump sum payment within the 45 days would pay only $2,700 ($3,000 – 300).

Taxpayers, who are not able to pay the lump sum, the balance due could be paid back over up to three years without incurring any additional interest penalties or fees. The Pay As You Stay plan will be administered by the Office of the Wayne County Treasurer, and open for enrollment for three years after the program launches. Taxpayers already enrolled in a DOOE plan or an IRSPA plan may roll their balances under such plans into the PAYS plan."

Other service charges that have been certified as delinquent taxes and as a lien for certain public improvements bonds may also be canceled

The Wayne County Treasurer's Office is located at 400 Monroe Street, 5th Floor of the International Center Building (Greektown) in Detroit. Please also visit for additional programs to help you.


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