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By Dominique Madden
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Citizens of Ecorse gets new ambulance


April 23, 2020

Ecorse Firefighters with new unit - R-31 and equipment

Exactly two years ago under the Leadership of Public Safety Director Michael Moore and Mayor Lamar Tidwell, the City of Ecorse resumed operating its Emergency Medical Transport Services. On March 31, 2020, the City of Ecorse Fire Department took delivery of a new 2020 Ford F450 Braun ambulance. Rescue 31 officially went into service on April 15th 2020 as it responded to its first EMS call. This vehicle replaced a unit that was 15 years old.

Many hours were spent researching available equipment and new technology, before purchasing the new ambulance. Director Moore said, "We invested in equipment that could withstand the wear and tear of Pure Michigan, and improve the quality of service provided to the citizens of Ecorse."

The unit is equipped with a Stryker PowerLoad stretcher system. This stretcher system will help reduce injuries by 50% over the first year. Ecorse has also invested into Stryker's Lucas 3, an automated CPR device. This is extremely helpful during the COVID-19 response as fewer Firefighters are required to perform CPR thus reducing potential COVID exposures.

Other highlights include; The new lighting system and sirens, increases the Fire Departments safety and visibility during emergency response.

R-31 Ambulance is ready for service. Photographed at Dingell Park at the Ecorse Waterfront

The suspension system is composed of military grade technology. The liquid spring suspension, helps soften the ride. This drastically improves the comfortability during EMS transports for patients.

Monies from the General Fund paid for the ambulance with the surplus from the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year

Mayor Tidwell says, "This is great news for the citizens of Ecorse."

When asked what he wants to say to the residents of Ecorse he said. "This COVID-19 is a serious matter. I want the residents to continue to follow the shelter in place order, remain six feet away, and stay home if you are sick. Remember to always wash hands. Conditions are improving, but remember that they are not better yet

. "

If you have to call 911 and require Police or Fire, please notify them if you have any COVID-19 symptoms regardless of how minor.


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