Mayor Duggan takes steps to ensure Detroiters get COVID-19 test


April 23, 2020

Workers stand ready to help with testing of the residents

DETROIT - Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says it's time to begin testing people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 -- and they'll be doing it in Detroit at the Fairgrounds site.

Speaking at a news conference Monday afternoon, the mayor said the city now has the capacity to test people without prescriptions; and officials want to begin with "essential employees" who are still working in the public.

The goal, the mayor said, is to have half of the appointments per day reserved for those with symptoms, and half for those without symptom at the city's primary drive-thru testing site.

"Here's what we are doing: If you have symptoms and you are sick, call your doctors; we've got the doctors listed. You don't have to have insurance, you don't have to have a car, we'll drive you," Duggan said. "Every single Detroiter that's got any signs or symptoms can be tested tomorrow at he Fairgrounds. And we are going to make sure that Detroiters always have first priority to make sure that those who are sick can get in."

"But," the mayor explained, "we've made so much progress that we now have at least 500 appointments a day available for people without symptoms...and we need to be able to have this city recover economically as quickly as possible. So it's time to start testing people who don't have symptoms -- so people know for sure whether they're infected or whether they're not."

Duggan said any essential city employees who has not yet been tested should call today and get an appointment.

The mayor noted that 900 Detroit police officers are back to work following testing, and Detroit Fire Department officials are currently working to make sure every firefighter who hasn't been tested yet gets tested.

In addition to City of Detroit employees, who are urged call to make appointments, any other essential worker on the job at any open business in Detroit is urged to tell their supervisor they want to be tested.

"You can be tested, but your boss has to call," the mayor said. "Your business owner or your store manager has to call and say here's our company, here's how many employees we have...and we will get back and give you the days that those employees can come in."

The plan going forward, Duggan said, is is for the city to lead the nation in the reopening of businesses.


• City of Detroit employee, regardless of whether or not you have symptoms, call 313-230-0505 right away for an appointment

• If you are an essential employee at work at any business in the city, urge your manager to call 313-230-0505.

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan gives update on testing to the public

• Others: COVID-19 testing is available at the Fairgrounds to any resident of the tri-county region (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb County) with symptoms. Contact your doctor if you believe you have COVID-19, are showing symptoms or have come in contact with an infected person, Your doctor will schedule an appointment for you and call in a prescription for a test if they believe you have COVID-19 OR Your doctor will give you a written prescription to receive a test and instruct you to make an appointment through the CCCN Call Center

• Don't have a doctor? The city has posted a list of doctors in Detroit who are currently accepting new patients; including patients who are uninsured HERE.

• Don't have a ride? Let the operator know when you call for your appointment and a ride will be booked for your.


• Call the Coronavirus Community Care Network at 313-230-0505, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Monday - Sunday

• Bring with you a valid ID and any written testing order or prescription from your doctor (no prescription needed for city employees)


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