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By Gina Wilson Steward

Where Is Your Mask?


Wearing your mask is very important

It is so important that we wear a mask or face covering when we go outside. The US Surgeon General said that we can protect others from getting the Coronavirus when we wear a mask. It has been reported that many people don't show any symptons of COVID-19, but they have it. (It is called being asymptomatic.)

The way that we can beat the virus is to stop spreading it. We must wear a mask and keep at least a six-foot distance between you and the next person.

I didn't think that was hard to do. But..........

On Wednesday, May 20th, my husband, Keith, and I went to Belle Isle to sit by the water and just get out the house for my birthday. (we had our mask) Oh my, we saw so many people without a mask on our journey from River Rouge to Lincoln Park to Detroit and back. It was unbelievable!!! And Social Distancing was not be followed. But that is another story.

We drove pass Piwok Park in South West and the basketball court and the picnic area was full. and most people didn't have a mask on. Then as we drove down Jefferson, people were gathered in different areas without mask. The same thing on Belle Isle (It was packed with no place to park) But the worst area was by Chene Park.

Not everyone was maskless, but I would say about 60% of the people were.

Come on people. Wear your mask.. Stop the Spread

Gina Steward


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