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By Emma Lockridge
Contributing Columnist 

Tri-Cities United Needs You

Ecorse, River Rouge and SW Detroit


In my introductory column a few weeks back I described the amazing experience of growing up on the Southwest Side. What I did not emphasize was how the families of River Rouge, Ecorse and Detroit 48217 came together to build a tight-knit, loving community that felt like one big extended family. The good old days are behind us, but that does not mean wonderful times are not ahead for our combined communities.

Like many urban areas, we are struggling with crime, a shrinking tax base and concern about COVID-19. What we have working in our favor is a resolve from many community members and leadership to keep pressing for a revival and a restoration of peace. If you want to see what that looks like drive down Frazier Street near Coolidge and see the large potted flowers that adorn the front of each home. Those beautiful blooms reflect a strong block club and the connected spirit neighbors have for one another.

That is the kind of spirit the recently formed Tri-Cities United would like to see spread throughout our area. We are a small group of community organizers based out of Michigan United. We want to support, not supplant, the work of local leaders and elected officials to rebuild our community. Tri-Cities United consists of myself, a resident of Detroit 48217, City Councilman Donald "Chip" Agee, Jr. from Ecorse, Douglas Myers, Jr. [#FeedDaStreetzTour], a River Rouge Commissioner, and environmentalist Samara Hill joins us from Detroit's West Side. We have formed a core group consisting of some dynamic community leaders, including Theresa Landrum, Gina Wilson Steward, State Representative Tyrone Carter, Kim Sommerville, Marvin Johnson, Dr. Teronto Robinson, just to name a few. Our motto is Empowering the People to Build a Strong, Healthy, Safe and Sustainable Community.

Even if you have not heard of us, you may have experienced our work. We've organized weekly COVID-19 testing in our community so that residents of the Tri-Cities can be tested free and close to home. The first testing began on June 24, 2020. We are currently developing other improvement plans.

To succeed, we need your support and participation. If you would like to enhance the Tri-Cities and join our efforts, please email your contact information to [email protected]


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