August 27, 2020

There was a lot of intense planning and preparation to open school this year. Every family has a different situation and we had to figure out the best way to service and educate our students, while still being mindful of the unknown regarding safety and COVID-19. The River Rouge School District will begin the school year with online instruction as our primary learning option. While, this means direct instruction will be completely online or virtual, we understand students may need additional support that every home will not be able to provide. Without judgement, we understand that no matter how committed parents are to helping their child or children with their schoolwork during the pandemic, we believe there will be times in-person support from a teacher or paraprofessional is necessary.

Our plan is to begin the 2020-2021 school year online and then reevaluate the plan every 30 days to determine how to best proceed. We are beginning the year with online instruction. People sometimes confuse online and virtual learning as the same thing. Our online platform includes Virtual Learning as one option and Remote/Distance Learning as the other. The Virtual-Only Learning Model is best for students that are able to work independently to complete the online modules at their own pace. This option is not teacher-led but each student will be assigned a mentor to support his or her academic success. If this option is selected, students will remain in the virtual learning environment for the entire semester. The Remote/Distant Learning Model is similar to the final months of the previous school year, with a few exceptions. Students will receive rigorous online instruction and support from their assigned teachers based on their fall schedule. However, for families that are uncomfortable with this model they will have the option to receive instructional learning packets monthly.

Both options will be able to utilize our drop-in centers that will be available at each school Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The drop-in centers will be open daily and this is a unique opportunity to the River Rouge School District because we will provide transportation for students Monday-Thursday. Families will be required to schedule with their school for drop-in services and this will determine if the center can accommodate the number of students requesting the services.

We will provide breakfast and lunch for students who use the drop-in centers. The supper program will still be available for students who are participating in fall sports and extra-curricular activities. We understand that some of our families may need some additional support during these times so we will also be providing breakfast and lunch for each student that is enrolled in the online programs as well. There will be a designated day for pick-up of 5 breakfast and lunch meals that can be warmed at home. We will also work with transportation to provide deliveries to families along our bus routes. The details for food service delivery and student pick-up for drop-in services are still being finalized. You will receive further communication from the school and also visit our district website at for more information in the future.

Once state officials allow schools to reopen, parents will have the option to select either the virtual platform or the traditional (in-school) model depending on the child's educational needs. When we return to the traditional model, the River Rouge School District will strictly follow safety guidelines and procedures to provide the safest space for all stakeholders who enter into district facilities. Here is the contact information for each school and we look forward to having an incredible year of learning for our students because we truly believe there is Opportunity in Crisis!


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