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By Gina Wilson Steward
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September 24, 2020

As Black Reading Month comes to a close, I want to inspire you to continue reading. These thirty days have gone by so fast.

I only read one book, "I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To" by Loni Love. I also read four different newspapers and two magazines.

It was hard to fit that much extra reading in between my normal reading. I have been a reader since my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Moore, at Northrup elementary school. We had a weekly competition on who could read the most books. Since I like to win, I went for it and won most weeks.

Besides at school, my parents always had us reading. If you said, "I'm bored", my mom would say...'Go read a book'. That wasn't punishment to me, because I fell in love with reading.

Although September is almost over, please continue to read. I have compiled a list of five books that I think you and your family will enjoy. These books are a good read for teenagers and adults.

Let's keep it going. If you know of a good book for the readers of the Telegram News to enjoy, send me the information to [email protected]

Reading opens the world to you.


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