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Detroit Men Investing in Literacy

(Harambee Literacy Project)


November 19, 2020

Reading is a family event that men can take the lead in

Detroit -- The Harambee Literacy Project (HLP) sponsored by Be-Moor Radio in conjunction with the University of Michigan's Stamps School of Art + Design, Brightmoor Maker Space, Sunbridge International Collaborative and Detroit Community Schools aims to promote literacy through building personal libraries. On November 21st, 2020 several Detroit area men from across the area will collaborate and construct 50 personalized bookshelves for elementary age students in Detroit.

The Harambee Literacy Project (Harambee is kiswahili meaning come together) is a collaboration of brothers from across every spectrum of our society seeking to bridge the literacy gap in the Detroit area. This is a year round pilot program aimed at significantly increasing the literacy rate in our area but also builds a passion for reading and books. HLP will provide books for the student participants, sponsor monthly virtual reading times with authors and celebrities. Additionally, HLP will host a series of parent and guardian family literacy workshops to promote home-based literacy.

"This is without a doubt an exciting project for us as a radio station", says Gabriel Forrest, a sophomore student at Henry Ford College, radio personality and co-director of the Harambee Literacy Project. "We are a mission and valued based radio station that seek to always challenge our listeners and potential listeners to "Be-Moor", states Jonathan Lundy, Interim Program Director.

With all of the students in the Detroit Public Schools Community District experiencing remote learning, the HLP is designed to enhance their educational experience and make reading and learning fun and interesting. Detroit has one of the highest illiteracy rates of any major city in the United States. The Harambee Literacy Project is Black men laying the foundation for future generations to wipe out illiteracy in Detroit. Along with building personal libraries for our participants, Be-Moor Radio is building a virtual educational resource center that parents and students will be able to access to further enhance their home based learning experience and more.

"I have worked with these young people for the past four years and it is extremely exciting to just be in their company but to watching them grow and take on a herculean task of trying to wipe out illiteracy in Detroit bring my heart nothing but joy" says State Representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo State and Detroit School Board Member Elect. "It brings me even greater joy to know that many of these kids come from my district and for four years they have kept Be-Moor Radio operating 24 hours 7 days a week with little to no support from the foundation and philanthropic community but on their sweat equity it is amazing" Representative Gay-Dagnogo continues.

About Be-Moor Radio

The vision for developing a hip-hop station started in 2014, and it appeared as a daunting task until we began to observe the evolution of technology within the entertainment industry. In 2015 it became very clear building a radio station was a feasible endeavor, we believed we could launch an internet-based radio station that would be competitive and impactful. After several conversations with Detroit-area youth and young adults, we stepped out with a vision and the help of five business students from the University of Michigan's Ross Business School to begin the research and development process for what is now known as Be-Moor Radio (The Baseline for the City's Rhythm).

From the very beginning, we realized we were embarking on a mission that would have the potential of transforming the lives of individuals and our community. We did not want to be a traditional radio station whose central mission was just playing music. Our mission is to promote values that shape people who invest and influence communities that ultimately change the world. Our goal is to be the best hip-hop station with uplifting music, providing edutainment (education + entertainment), and challenging our audience to Be-Moor.

Finally, Be-Moor Radio is a unique urban youth development model that is also a broadcasting and journalistic career launching pad in Detroit and around the world. Be-Moor Radio is a clarion call for all listeners to BE-MOOR.


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