By Derrick Johnson
NAACP CEO and President 

Still fighting forward


December 31, 2020

Derrick Johnson NAACP President and CEO


This year could have taken away everything.

2020 reminded us that we've only come so far. It was a year that threatened decades of progress, and rather than accept it, you decided to fight. You persisted, mobilized your neighbors, used your voice, and most importantly, used your vote.

Together, we organized. We inspired. We challenged racism in our communities, in the courts, in the White House – and we won.

Never forget, we were triumphant because of you. Your support, your donations, your activism, your membership, and your partnership made this year a landmark year for civil rights.

You made us stronger, louder, bolder, and prouder. You made us the new NAACP.

Still fighting for justice. Still fighting for you.

In Solidarity,

Derrick Johnson


President and CEO - NAACP


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