By Gina Wilson Steward

Project Blue Light helps deter crime in Ecorse and Highland Park


January 7, 2021

Blue Light Project at the corner of Visger and 19th in Ecorse

A partnership between Ecorse and Highland Park is working together to reduce the amount of crime in their cities. A pilot program funded in part by the State of Michigan's Financially Distressed Cities Grant has developed a live stream surveillance system that is connected to their police departments. The blinking blue lights let the community know that there are cameras at an establishment. (This is very similar to the Blue Light Project that is at numerous businesses in the City of Detroit.)


In Ecorse, the Blue Light is at Ecorse Market located at 585 Visger (corner of Visger and 19th St). This location has been known to be a common loitering location. In Highland Park, the Blue Lights are located at Sunrise Cleaners 16041 Woodward and at its recreation center 10 Pitkin St.

Charles Lackey, Technology Director for the City of Highland Park, emphasized that these technologies greatly maximize the city's limited public safety resources while deterring crime. Working with Comcast as a partner, he said, has helped match technological solutions to the city's unique needs.

Donald Agee who owns Economy Shoe Repair that is located next door to Ecorse Market has already seen a difference in activity at that corner.

Lackey said, "This is just stage one." The next level – Stage two -will result in even faster response to a crime or incident. Lackey said, "The monitors will be able to interact in real time with whoever they are seeing on camera."

The current system has already been helpful in a drug arrest in Ecorse and helped to identify persons involved in a few property damage issues.

The leadership of both cities Mayor Lamar Tidwell of Ecorse and Mayor Hubert Yopp of Highland along with their City Councils are very supportive of this program. They are taking these steps to continue improving the quality of life for their residents and business owners

The program will be available to businesses beginning on January 15. For more information visit or send an email to [email protected]


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