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Healthy activities you can do by yourself in Ecorse

Let's Get Moving


March 11, 2021

Often family, work, education and social obligations are obstacles to setting time aside for exercise. Gradually increasing movement is beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or current physical shape. Physical activity is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Our communities offer several options for residents, employees, and visitors to engage in enjoyable and healthy activities. We are highlighting some of these opportunities.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition. Suggests the following guidelines:

Preschool-aged children (ages 3 through 5 years)

should be physically active throughout the day to enhance growth and development.

Children 6 – 17 Years Old

Moderate to vigorous physical activity - 60 Minutes Daily

Combination of aerobic, muscle-strengthening, bone-strengthening activities – 3 days a week.


Moderate activity –150 minutes - 300 minutes a week

(2 hours and 30 minutes – 5 hours)


Vigorous activity – 75 minutes - 150 minutes a week

(1 hours and 15 minutes – 2 hours and 30 minutes)


Muscle-strengthening activity – moderate or greater intensity – 2 days or more a week

This week the spotlight is on physical activity resources in Ecorse:

The following information is from the City of Ecorse "5 Year Parks and Recreation Plan:"

The City of Ecorse has eleven municipal parks, one public boat launch, and a senior center. There are also indoor and outdoor recreation facilities located at Grand Port Elementary, Ralph Bunche Elementary and the Kennedy Middle School/Ecorse High School campus.

Ecorse owns 19.1 acres of park land and public school recreation facilities occupy another 17.9 acres. City parks range in size from 0.3 acres to 5 acres.

John D. Dingell Park has a river walk, play equipment, picnic pavilion and restroom facilities. It provides residents in the Downriver community with direct access to the Detroit River. The 4.4-acre park is located at the south end of the city.

Eli Ciungan Park, also known as "Pepper Park," is 5 acres and located on Pepper Road at Cicotte Street. The facilities at this park include a baseball field, two tennis courts and a basketball court at the north end, a youth play area and a pathway.

In addition to its municipal parks, the Ecorse School District maintains recreation facilities at its four schools (two elementary, one middle and one high school). The schools contain a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, all of which are available to district residents either at no charge or for a nominal fee.

Ralph Bunche Elementary School, located at Hyacinth and Seventeenth, has a smaller play area located behind the school with three modular play structures, four swing-sets, and four climbers. The school site also has a full-sized football field.

Grand Port Elementary School

The school has a fenced play area located behind the school on Outer Drive between Sixth and Seventh Streets. It contains a modular play structure and a full-sized basketball court.

Kennedy Middle School/Ecorse High School

Kennedy Middle School is located on Outer Drive next to Ecorse High School. Behind it is a fenced play area, with a modular play structure. Directly behind that is another fenced area that contains one baseball diamond. Behind this area and extending to Salliotte Road is another fenced parcel of equal size that contains one more baseball diamond.

Ecorse High School facilities include: a large football field with lights, bleachers and scoreboard, a track and six tennis courts. The campus also has an indoor swimming pool, gym with basketball court and second floor indoor track.

Several mini and neighbor parks and within the city offer swing sets and climbers.

Keep these Ecorse facilities in mind when you are adding physical activity to your lifestyle.


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