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By Gina Wilson Steward

It's Time to Talk About the Violence in our Communities/ Police and Community Relationships


April 22, 2021

Youth at St. John AME Church in River Rouge took time to pray with the police officers during the summer of 2019

I am an avid news watcher but only after the first 15 minutes of the news broadcast. You know why, because in the first 15 minutes its all about the violence in our communities. Somebody got shot, some kid shot themselves with a gun they found in the house or somebody got hit either walking across the street or driving on the freeway.

Does that sound familiar? I know one or two of those stories will headline the news no matter which station that you are watching.

It's not that I am ignoring the fact that violence is happening, I know it is time to get a head of the situation; because sum...

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