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By Xaiver Jones
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Shotcallerz and Dream Chasers Kezell's Grand Opening Coming This July!


Markeisha Ezell at her new business and ready to serve the community

Shotcallerz barber shop has had a reputation of making their customers crispy. You come in one way, and you're guaranteed to leave out looking and feeling different. Markeisha Ezell is keeping the tradition alive. She is setting up shop for Kezell's By Shotcallaz. A boutique will specialize in embroidery, and sublimation work. Kezell's grand opening is set for July, but Markeisha has already made orders of facemasks, and shirts.

Markeisha is no stranger to hard work. During the pandemic she worked as a mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. She was on the clock a hundred hours a week, for a cause that did not support her happiness or time with family. The hours of work have not changed, but where Markeisha puts her time has drastically changed. A hundred hours a week is spent managing the future of the boutique. This time has not been in vain. Markeshia sits in a beautiful purple building on Fort Street and Buckingham Avenue. She has certainly settled into her role as a business owner. City officials of Lincoln Park stop in regularly to welcome, and invite her to community events.

She's stocked up on art, materials, and Shotcallerz own custom brand of clothing. Be on the lookout for Kezell's grand opening, or just stop by when you're in the neighborhood. It'll be hard to find something not to like.

Xavier Jones - Are you happy that you left the post office to follow your own dreams?

Markeshia Ezell - Yes I am! I decided that it wasn't for me. I used to wake up angry every day, another sign that my time has passed there. So I changed my situation. It took me about four months to decide what was best for the family. When I made the decision it was no turning back


Xavier Jones - What makes the shop a better fit for you?

Markeshia doesn't mind putting in 100 hours at her business

Markeshia Ezell - I get to be creative, and learn new things every day. I'm my own boss here, and boss over my own life. I get to come and go as I please. There are nobody else's rules to follow.

Xavier Jones - Do you expect a lot of your business to come from people outside your hometown?

Markeshia Ezell - Yes I do. I don't know why, but it feels that way so far. People passing by stop in often just because they see something in the window that catches them

Xavier Jones - Do you feel included with the other businesses in the area?

Markeshia Ezell - Without a doubt! Many of them have come down and welcomed me to the neighborhood personally. Councilman Michael Higgins has been here quite a few times to greet, and welcome me to the city.


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